International corporate taxation

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Advice in international corporate taxation

In our work, we map out the total tax effects while taking into account how your current business is conducted. In order to reduce the effective tax costs, we propose possible changes, restructuring and how profits can be allocated.

We focus strictly on delivering targeted advice. We guarantee to give concise and easily understandable advice. If you want to see the material that forms the basis for our analysis and conclusion, we will of course share it.

We strive to change and develop our working methods to meet the demands of you as well as the ever-changing laws in the international tax area. Since our startup, we have been using AI, databases and automated software to deliver sustainable solutions for your business faster and more efficiently. Therefore we can also offer a fixed price after finding out what you need help with.

We are a dedicated team that is passionate about issues regarding international taxation and strives to help make tax law more understandable and useful in practice.

Our expertise covers issues related to double taxation, limited liability companies, generational shifts, transfer pricing, interest deductions, cash pool and transfer of operations.

Thanks to our partners in European countries, Russia and North America, we can deliver tax advice that is current and adapted to the location of the business and the owners.

For initial evaluation please contact us by calling us at +46 79-022-3122 any day of the week or write to us email directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.